Remix Compo

This year we invited everyone to join the Back In Time 2019 Remix Competition! This is the first time we hosted such a competition, and this year’s theme was Commodore-related music by Rob Hubbard and Matt Gray. We received 15 entries! Thanks to all who contributed with their remixes, we couldn’t ever imagine that it would be this popular!

Congratulations to the winner, SIDNIFY, who remixed both Gray and Hubbard with his remix Stealth intAIRsection! Also a huge shout out to the the other medalists, Slaygon and Mordi & Lea with their Lightforce remixes! As it turned out, all the winners were present at the event and could receive their medal on stage! And thanks again to all who sent in their remixes! You are all awesome, and all the remixes are great!

Voting took place at the event, and in order to vote, participants had to be present through the presentation of all the remixes. The remixes were played anonymously. Each participant would select the three songs they liked the best, and range them from 1st to 3rd. 1st place was worth 5 points, 2nd place was worth 3 points and 3rd place was worth 1 point. Slay Radio then went through all the votes and counted them, at least twice!

Here are the entries:


SIDNIFY – Stealth intAIRsection (87 points)


Slaygon – Lightforce (55 points)


Mordi & Lea – Lightforce (47 points)

4th: ALPA – IK+ (Bergen Boogie Remix) (39 points)

5th: Ctrl-Z – Outland 64 (35 points)

6th: Martinland – Space Control Remixperience (22 points)

7th: DMC – Dominando (BIT LIVE 2019 Remix) (19 points)

8th: Eivind Sommersten – Bankok Knights (19 points)

9th: XxDUSTYxX – The Last V8 Metal Tribute (14 points)

10th: Dr.Future – Lakers vs. Celtics (10 points)

10th: Ziona – ACE II (10 points)

12th: Wobbler – Warhawk (There4am remix) (9 points)

13th: Frida Danko – Commforce (6 points)

14th: LaLa – Commando HiScore (Just whistling) (4 points)

15th: Orlando & Jademonic – Autumn Breeze (2 points)



The entry must be C64 / Amiga related and be either a remix of a tune by Rob Hubbard or Matt Gray, or be a remix that includes identifiable parts from at least 2 tunes composed by either Rob Hubbard or Matt Gray, and no other composers. In either way, one or both of these composers need to be present in the remix.

Who can attend?

Everyone can attend. We accept remote entries, there is no need to be present at the event when your remix is blasting through the speakers, though we strongly encourage it!


Since it’s a remix, we don’t expect a completely original tune, but the more it stands out from other remixes of the same track, the better. We do allow for new self-composed elements, as long as the theme of Rob Hubbard / Matt Gray is intact.

Legal matters

The entry must not contain copyrighted material such as samples from published remixes or other licensed work.
The entry must not have been previously published.

It’s your remix!

The remixer will keep all rights to the remix, but the organizers of Back in Time 2019 will be allowed to play the remix at any time during the festival.

Entry details

Format: .mp3, at least 192 kbps

Length: not shorter than 2 minutes and not longer than 6 minutes.

How to enter

When you feel you have the perfect remix to blast through the speakers at Back In Time 2019, send your entry as an .mp3 to before October 17th 2019, 11:59pm CEST. Put Compo 2019 in the title and provide us your full name and contact information, and inform us if you’re going to be at Back In Time 2019 or not.


All submitted remixes will be played at the event and voted on by the attendees in a democratic matter.


The winner will receive a glorious medal, the Ninja Musicology triple album by FastLoaders and of course fame and glory at the event.

2nd and 3rd will get the Ninja Musicology triple album by Fastloaders.

All winners that are present at the event will also get a yummy Commando Burger!