Back In Time Live 2019 is the second BIT Live event to be held in Bergen, Norway. BIT 2018 was such a success that we just have to arrange a new event this year.

This year we can wish welcome to perhaps the greatest SID legend of them all, Rob Hubbard! That man should need no introduction as he composed music for games such as Monty on the run, Commando, International Karate, Delta, Warhawk, Aufwiedersehen Monty, Sanxion, Spellbound, Lightforce and many, many more.

In addition we are blessed to have Matt Gray with us. He is of course the man behind the legendary Last Ninja 2 music, as well as music from many other C64 games such as Driller, Bankok Nights, Deliverance, Dominator, Hyperion 2 and more!

Finally, Fastloaders will do two full concerts. On Friday they will play all the music from Last Ninja 2, while on Saturday they will play their favorite C64 tunes and quite a few by Rob Hubbard.